Websites and Other Resources

Purposeful Retirement


Elderhostel, a non-profit:

Adventures in lifelong learning

Second acts for the greater good

Life Expectancy Calculator:

Next Avenue:

Where grownups keep growing.


The Joy of Not Working by Ernie Zelinski
How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free by Ernie Zelinski
The New Retirement Mentality by Mitch Anthony
The Seven Stages of Money Maturity: Understanding the Spirit and Value of Money in Your Life by George Kinder
Unretirement – How Baby Boomers Are Changing The Way We Think About Work, Community, and the Good Life by Chris Farrell


Protecting Your Personal and Financial Info

Free Annual Credit Report:

Federal Trade Commission:

Protecting America’s Consumers:

Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft (PDF)

Federal Trade Commission – Avoiding Identity Theft (PDF)


Retirement, Investment, and Financial Planning

Carl Richards Behavior Gap website:

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards: and

Dimensional Funds Website:

Financial Literacy and Education Commission:

Financial Planning Association:

Let’s Make a Plan:

Certified Financial Planner™ website for consumers

Social Security Administration:

To obtain an online Social Security Statement:

U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services: 

Social Security Retirement Benefit Basics (PDF)

IRA and Retirement Plan Limits for 2015 (PDF)

2015 Key Retirement Planning Numbers (PDF)

Senior Linkage Line - Minnesota Board of Aging’s free statewide information and assistance service: 1-800-333-2433.

Articles and Books:

The Investment Answer by Daniel C. Goldie, CFA, CFP and Gordon S. Murray
The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko
The Wealthy Barber: Everyone’s Commonsense Guide to Becoming Financially Independent by David Chilton


Tax and Estate Planning

Charity Navigator:

Your guide to intelligent giving

Ignite generosity - grow giving

Internal Revenue Service:

Kat Reed – Helping Survivors Manage:


Leaving A Legacy (PDF)

2015 Key Estate Planning Numbers (PDF)

2015 Key Income Tax Numbers (PDF)


Kids and Money/College Planning

Financial Aid Calculator:

Guide to Saving for College:

Nate Dugan’s website helping youth and adults link money decisions to their values:

How Grandparents Can Help Grandchildren with College Costs (PDF)

Prodigal Sons and Material Girls: How Not to Be Your Child’s ATM by Nathan Dungan
Family Money Talks by Nathan Dungan


Women and Investing

Women’s Institute for Financial Education:

Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement:

Women’s Worth: Finding Your Financial Confidence by Eleanor Blayney


Helpful Sites on the Web


Find current interest rates, bank accounts, mortgages, refinancing, car loans, etc.


Calculator for mortgages, retirement, insurance, taxes, credit cards

Fidelity Investments:

Market Watch:


A free, online financial account organizer

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