Investment Philosophy

Dimensional Origins

We use Dimensional Funds as part of our investment strategy. This video gives you an overview of Dimensional, their people and process.

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When hiring us to manage your investments, your money will be invested in a way that is diversified, suitable to your age, risk tolerance, and your financial goals.

Our philosophy is that you should let the markets work for you rather than trying to beat the market through active investment management. We want our clients to be able to rest easy knowing that we primarily use an institutional class investment platform from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). DFA embraces a low cost, low turnover, structured asset allocation strategy for investing. Asset allocation, not stock picking or market timing, explains most of the variation in portfolio returns.

Dimensional Fund Advisors was founded in 1981 based on the academic research of Eugene Fama, a professor from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Professor Fama is widely known as the “father of modern finance” and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2013.

Dimensional Fund Advisors have affiliated with some of the world's leading financial economists including:

  • Eugene F. Fama - University of Chicago, Dimensional Fund Advisors Board Member, Nobel Laureate
  • Kenneth R. French - Dartmouth University, Dimensional Fund Advisors Board Member
  • Robert G. Ibbotson - Yale University, Dimensional Fund Advisors Board Member
  • Robert C. Merton - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Resident Scientist at Dimensional Holdings, Inc., Nobel Laureate
  • Myron S. Scholes - Stanford University, Dimensional Fund Advisors Board Member, Nobel Laureate

For more information about Dimensional Fund Advisors, visit Dimensional’s website a

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